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New season, new team, new direction, new project and a new place for jazz+ in the town center of Le Mans!

The programmation offered by the 2019-2020 project will be faithful to the spirit that built “our history”.

We will make sure to present all jazz, to support unprecedented collaborations, discoveries from local to international and historic musicians, to conduct actions in schools, retirement homes, social centers, neighbourhoods…and of course to share our passion for jazz related music!

This first part of the season will be full of encounters with the famous 9th Soblues combining discoveries and headliners from regional to international reputation inculding Sarah McCoy’s eagerly awaited concert and the Chicago Blues Festival birthday evening! We will also recieve the exceptional creation Le Cri du Caire with the singer/author/composer Abdullah Miniawy and the trumpeter Erik Truffaz among others.

A plentiful autumn and a totally unprecedented end of the year with the opening of Chorus – jazz+ stage – a place for dissusion, creation and sharing that will come alive and resonnate all along the year in the town center of Le Mans within the historic site of la Visitation. A new place, a new territiorial project to develop with the artists and the audiences. Together.

Charlotte Rivière – Director
Armand Meignan – President