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“Europajazz… without stylistic or departmental boundaries”

“What is funny about the organisers of Europajazz is that they do not seem to worry. They have taught their multiple audiences to hear, to listen, and to enjoy these knowledges. Europajazz lines up more than a hundred concerts, 61 stages in 29 towns, crosses 6 departments, in every possible and imaginable place, from a little chapel to the prestigious L’Épau Abbey, proposes thematic rendezvous – blues, salsa, gospel, gipsy, brass bands, blended music, street music, revival of good old swing, one can look at the question from all angles. From a past of pedagogues, the have retained only the right side: doing something else, giving pleasure out of their own, encouraging encounters, provoking them or letting them happen. The dictatorship of figures leaves them unmoved: everything they set up with an ulterior motive of obstinate militancy and a will to spread music works as if by magic.”
What else could be said? We have nothing to add to this article of Francis Marmande published in Le Monde after our last 2017 edition! This says it all!
The entire staff of Europajazz wishes you an excellent 39th edition, and be exactly 40 688 to come, just like in 2017!



Les apéros blues